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Foster Photo Page

Photo by John Niendorf on

Please let me know if you would like to contribute photos to this page!

Bates School
Near Driggs, Teton, Idaho

John Miller and Clara Kunz
At Clara's 86th Birthday

Clara Kunz and John Miller
At the Foster Farm near Driggs, Idaho

Clara Kunz and Maud Miller
Spinning to their hearts content!

Donald Foster on his mission in Louisville, Kentucky
He is third from the left in the middle row!

Francis Eugene Fenton
Husband of Caroline Richan

Louisa Fenton
Daughter of Francis Fenton and Caroline Richan

George Henry Foster and Ruth Helen Miller
Photo taken at their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Foster Clan
Taken at the Foster Family Farm

Foster Clan
Taken at the Foster Family Farm

George Foster and Ruth Miller
Smiling for the camera at their home!

Jay, Glen, Kay, and Melvin Foster
The Four Brothers who attended USU!

Melvin and Glen Foster
Melvin(first from left on back row) Glen(3rd from left back row)

Miller Reunion
In Driggs, Idaho

Samuel Miller
Son of John Miller and Clara Kunz

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